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Last Blog Post #9

In blog post 1 of this semester, I reflected on the idea that everything in this life can somehow be explained by science. For this reason, my career path for the future was to focus in on the specific field of science, which interested me the most. With three years of college experience and after suffering through classes such as chemistry and physics, I noted that mathematical science wasn’t for me. However, in these three years I also learned how fascinated I was with life science classes such as anatomy and biology, which has lead me to pursue a career path in medicine.

Throughout this semester, I have had the opportunity to listen to other students in this class talk about why they are interested in the science of their choice. By conversing with them and getting the chance to read through their projects, I can attest to the level of enthusiasm they have for the career they are working towards. As a result of engaging with these other students, I began reflecting on the reasons why I am excited to learn more about medicine. Writing for this class has also allowed me the opportunity to research more scholarly articles. Some of these articles addressed areas in healthcare with room for improvement that I can hopefully contribute towards someday. Since the start of the year, I can say that I was becoming increasingly passionate about my career path and was beginning to feel more confident in narrowing my interests down to the medical field.

At one point in this semester I was required to have an interview with someone who was within the field that I could see myself participating in professionally. Needless to say, I chose to speak with my family doctor. One of the main reasons why I chose this individual was not just because she is a doctor, but it was also because she is a female. As I became more interested in the medical field, I also began to realize certain setbacks. For instance, one can say that pursing a science career is often more common in men then women. For that reason, I was curious as to how difficult balancing a future life of science as well as raising a family was for women. Speaking with a female medical professional that survived medical school and also successfully raised a family, however, helped me overcome this concern and has allowed me to continuing pursing the science of medicine in my future.