Blog Post 9 – Optional Replacement

When I wrote Blog Post 1 at the beginning of the semester, much of the only science I really focused on was astronomy and space science. For instance, the prompt was to write about what science means to me and I wrote solely on the topic of astronomy. Granted, this still is a large passion of mine and can partially define who I am, but after listening to future scientists of different fields in Writing on Science and Society, I have definitely become more open to these other fields.

Topic ranged from space to health/medical science to physics to biological studies and industrial research. I felt that I had a very narrow minded view of science at the beginning of this semester and didn’t care too much about other areas aside from my own. After examining many different readings, listening to my classmates’ passions in their fields, and doing research of my own for my writing projects, I have come to realize that every field in science helps each other. This is one of the great things about science: its ability to connect and intertwine with different areas far and wide.

If I were to rewrite my first blog post, I would be more inclined to include many different areas of science. In my original post, I wrote “That idea of Earth being the only place to support life is a very crazy and conceited thought to me.” I find a bit of irony in this statement now because, like my accusation of those who believe we are the only life in the universe, I believe I was being a bit conceited as only caring about astronomy as opposed to any other scientific area. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t believe having a passion for one area of science is a bad thing at all, but I just believe I could have done better in including more areas of science.

Overall, I would agree that this class has helped me grow as an individual. Not only has it opened my mind to more aspects of science, but I’ve realized that I can do something to make advancements in scientific research. I have learned that writing has a ton of power in informing and inspiring, persuading, or even attacking different issues in today’s society. Using this tool, anyone can gain significant support and momentum in their respective studies and hopefully, I will be able to do just that someday in years to come.

-Bryan Doyle


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