Mental Illnesses in Society

In today’s society, mental health experts claim that 6 percent of the American population is diagnosed with serious mental illnesses which accounts for approximately 1 in 17 people. The American Journal of Psychiatry, a well known and establish journal in the field of psychiatry, addresses over 42 different types of these mental illnesses in their articles. These articles, which consist of the experiments and findings conducted by many psychiatrists, are published every month in order to allow mental health experts to remain informed on new discoveries.

A particular article I became interested in addresses the continuity of these illnesses, which are first diagnosed in younger children. In the article, “Psychiatric Disorders in Preschoolers: Continuity From Ages 3 to 6”, psychiatrists conducted an experiment in order to determine the stability of these illnesses to test whether or not children are capable of overcoming them. From this experiment, physiatrists determined that children diagnosed at age 3 with a mental illness were 5 times more likely to be diagnoses again at age 6. In their discussion, they therefore arrived at the conclusion that their data supported the validity of preschool psychiatric diagnoses while underscoring the importance of early identification to prevent reoccurrence in the future. In doing so, these psychiatrists were able to publish their findings in order to inform other mental health experts of the significance in diagnosing children at a younger age, which may lead to avoiding disruptive behavior later in life.

The primary audience of this publication consists of developing as well as experienced psychiatrists who are interested in the diagnoses of children with mental illnesses. The purpose of this article is to publish new findings in order to better educate mental health experts so that they may apply this information to their own careers. Personally, articles such as these will help me to better understand the communication methods psychiatrists use with one another through their writing. From gaining an insight to professional writing in this field, I hope to then translate this information as well as my own experiences with people suffering from mental illnesses in order to educate the public on the importance of identifying these disorders in the population. In doing so, I also hope to improve my knowledge in the subject matter myself as well as gain a better understanding to a career in psychiatry.

-Natalie Eidson


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