Public Interest in Human Spaceflight

I discovered an issue that could very well be a primary reason as to why the general public is no longer interested in spaceflight, while searching for articles over a plethora of journals and magazines. The majority of the articles I found were published in scientific journals and magazines that the average American would never read. These articles that discuss this topic are mostly directed to the audience of engineers, physicists, and mathematicians, while the general public is deprived. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing negative with the presence of articles directed at such an audience, but my goal is to expand the fascination and importance of spaceflight to the general public.

With the average American kept in mind, I found one article on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) website that was written by a Public Information member of the organization: The Next Era of Human Spaceflight by John Varrasi. The article was well written towards the general public as the audience and there were few technical terms that only PhD’s would understand. Varassi put pieces of the article in the perspective a former astronaut and director of the Johnson Space Center, which allowed me to feel related to such a prominent figure in the industry. The article was also very easily readable and organized with clean headings and figures to draw the reader’s attention, while still successfully getting the point across of the importance of spaceflight missions and future plans.

Although the article is affiliated with an advanced scientific journal, the writer does a superb job in making the issue readable and interesting to an everyday American. He touched on the effects spaceflight has had on commercialism and everyday products as an added benefit to the reader. Like many scientific writers, the author’s benefits could very well be an increased popular interest in the subject of spaceflight, which also leads to more funding. I can take ideas and rhetorical strategies from this article and, hopefully, apply it sufficiently to my final project. Furthermore, I hope to be able to learn more about the subject for my own knowledge and apply it to raise public interest in spaceflight.

-Bryan Doyle


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