Finding a Passion Through Artwork

It was Saturday, December 8th, 2012 and I was with my two best friends Shaun and Tyler attending a concert at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. I initially had no desire or intention of going to this show, but they assured me that I would never forget that night because before the music started playing we would have the pleasure of listening to a presentation from a world famous spiritual/psychedelic artist named Alex Grey. I had no idea who Alex Grey was or even what his artwork was about. We stood as close as we could to the rail in hopes of catching a good view of the screen. Upon entering the stage, I noted that Mr. Grey had long flowing silver white hair, spoke with a soft voice that seemed naturally peaceful and wore a jacket filled with bright colors and patterns. This man’s unique appearance was enough to get my attention and intrigue me about what he was saying.Throughout Alex’s presentation I learned that he worked at Harvard Medical School studying anatomy and preparing the cadavers for dissection. This incredible experience of working first hand with the deceased inspired Alex to follow his passion of artwork and human anatomy to create beautiful, magnificent pieces of art that highlight the human body and spirit.

As a reader you may be asking yourself, “How does this relate to your life, Chase?” Well, it was during the Fall 2012 semester of school that I had officially declared my major as Integrative Physiology at CU Boulder. I had mixed feelings about this decision, knowing that I could be well in over my head with the amount of material I would need to learn and the amount of schooling I would need to succeed in the field. But it was in becoming more and more familiar with Alex’s artwork that I developed a passion for human anatomy and found everything about it fascinating. It just blows my mind thinking that every single part of the human body serves a specific function, and that it performs that function perfectly. I am now a second semester junior and could not even imagine studying anything else but Integrative Physiology, with a big credit to Alex Grey.



“Reading” -Alex Grey, 2001


“The evidence that all beings are connected is revealed before us every day. The only life on Earth 3.7 billion years ago was blue-green algae. Now our human consciousness contemplates that fact and marvels at the miraculously diverse biological bloom of creation we share with all beings.” -Alex Grey, Net of Being


Chase Stanker


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